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MMS clip of 40 Girls of Private Engineering College in Himachal Pradesh when they were changing there clothes there "mandi mms clips" were made by 2girls and they gave those videos to there boyfriends, this incident were happend in Himachal Pradesh's last Week,

Cds and Dvds were spread into Indian Market and they were all soldout, the perpose behind making Mandi mms clips is to earn money,police of Hamachal Paradesh is not trying to investigate the matter and they have also given it to the labority to get the frensic report, weather its a genuiun Mms Tape Mandi or Not.

One student who is suspect has been arrested by police, they say he might have some connection with the incident that was happened last week.State Women Commission in India also Issue a notice to State Technical Education Director to take notice of this Incident,

They want to know weather its Genean Mandi mms clips only the timewould tell, we should wait for the report said by one of the police officer in Hamachal Pradesh, i/e Mandi mms clips.

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